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Tongkat Sakti di Merlimau

Di Merlimau keadaan sungguh berbeza, Umno memang nak sangat menang sampaikan sanggup buat apa saja, Majidin sanggup jalan kaki, sakit di Tenang masih lagi terasa di hati Majidin, banjir menghanyutkan apa saja. Balik naik trak polis kerana kerana kelajuan air banjir naik mendadak. Sakit sungguh Majidin di Tenang, nak dapat undi majoriti 5 ribu, tapi dapat 3 ribu lebih. Kali ini Majidin nak pastikan berapa pula di Merlimau.

Di Merlimau Majidin sanggup makan di mana jua, hatta belakang lorong. Terdesak sungguh Umno nak mempertahankan kubu kuat mereka. Cakap bukan main hebat.

Merlimau indah sekali sekarang, sibuk dari biasa. Malam malam pun masih sibuk, tak seperti biasa, kelab dangdut pun makin banyak buka sampai pagi untuk customer yang baru balik bekerja meratakan jalan, membaiki lubang, membaiki parit dan longkang tersumbat. Kontraktor tak menang tangan, anak pokok naga laku gila. Anak pokok limau pun laku.

Orang Pas bersin pun ada yang tanya nak pi klinik ke. Kalau demam mesti ada yang sanggup pi hantar Klinik 1 Malaysia. Kalau orang Pas cakap rasa nak makan ikan je, ada yang sudi hantar ke dapur rumah. Begitulah Merlimau sekarang, hidup ibarat syurga. Untung jadi orang Merlimau, rugi jadi orang bukan rakyat Merlimau.

Yang hebatnya penyokong Umno tak diperdulikan. Kasihan sebab Umno tahu mereka tetap sokong Umno. Kalau dah penyokong Umno, kasihan sungguh tak ada yang ambil peduli. Kalau bersungut nak makan kepala ikan bilis pun belum tentu orang cari sebab Umno tahu penyokong umno tak berani derhaka.

Bantuan basikal, bantuan baju sekolah, bantuan orang miskin, bantuan orang tak berapa miskin, hamper, baucer, kepala paip, batang paip, cakap sahaja semua boleh. Sekolah pun boleh dibina dalam masa sehari, cakap sahaja sekolah apa, sekolah tamil, pasir dan simen dah mula masuk ke sekolah. Bina ke tidak ntah le. Sekurang-kurangnya dapat dah beli jiwa pengundi. Sekolah nak beli kain rentang, nak berarak maulud pun ada orang sponsor. Batang bemban pun ada orang mari hantar, ada gak yang berselawat bersama budak tadika. Tak apa sekurang - kurangnya tunjuk baik masa PRK.

Kalau boleh seluruh bandar Merlimau hendak dicat baru; warna limau lambang Umno sebagai tanda Umno dah menang sejak sebelum PRK bermula. Segala menteri dah turun; menteri streamyx, menteri labu labi, menteri mee siam, menteri gila gila pun ada. Kalau boleh nak diadakan mesyuarat jemaah menteri di Merlimau. Bagimana Pas nak menang di Merlimau, rasuah ditanda logo halal dah. Apa lagi isu nak kempen? Kempen apa lagi? Rasuah tak buruk pun, ok je. Nak kata apa lagi.

Kalaulah ada tongkat sakti di Merlimau ... ketuk je tongkat sakti Pas boleh lahirkan anak sulung di Melaka....

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Artikel Bahasa Inggeris : "Nothing to lose by voting PAS in Merlimau"

Nothing to loose by voting PAS in Merlimau’
In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful; blessings and peace be upon Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

Say: "If both men and jinn banded together to produce the like of this Qur'an, they could never produce anything like it, even if they backed each other up." (Our'an, 17:88)

ONE day about 25 years ago when I was a reporter with a Malay daily in Melaka, I was asked by my boss to cover an assignment in a Felcra land scheme in Lipat Kajang, some 10 kilometers from Merlimau town.

At that time I only own a Yamaha Cup bike; it took me more than an hour to travel from my house on the southern outskirts of Melaka town to Merlimau on the old Melaka-Muar trunk road and another half an hour to Lipat Kajang on the Merlimau-Jasin road.

On Wednesday morning, 9th February I drive my Iswara to Merlimau to have a quick look there as the state constituency N27, Merlimau geared up for the coming by-elections. Nomination day is on Saturday, 26th February and if there is a contest, election will be held on Sunday, 6th March.

Driving along the smooth four lane of Lebuh AMJ (Alor Gajah-Melaka-Jasin Expressway), it took me only 22 minutes to reach the town from my house! I started at 8.38 am and reached the town at 9.00am. Before reaching the town, I passed new landmarks such as Politeknik (Polytechnic) Merlimau and Masjid Asy-Syuja’ah which were non existence during my ‘green’ years as a reporter.

In front of a ‘warung’ (small restaurant) named ‘Kedai Asam Pedas Oren D’ Corner’, which is not far away from Politeknik Merlimau, I saw two huge ‘dacing’ (Barisan Nasional) flags. Besides the ‘warung’ stands a signboard ‘Bilik Gerakan Pilihan Raya Barisan Nasional Merlimau’ (Merlimau Barisan Nasional Election Operations Room).

My first stop in Merlimau was Merlimau Inn. I had read reports that all its eight rooms (this is the only hotel in Merlimau) was fully booked for the coming elections. After parking my car I roamed around its building, perhaps it was too early, since nobody was around accept for two boys playing on swings in a small playground in front of the inn.

Opposite the road from entrance of the inn, was a big signboard ‘Bilik Gerakan Pilihan Raya Umno Cawangan Permatang Bukit, N27 Merlimau). There was not a sign of life there, so I entered the main lobby of the inn. I saw a young man sleeping on a sofa; perhaps he was the keeper who was exhausted from his work.

Trying not to disturb him, I walked quietly out of the lobby, and started my car engine to move on to Permatang Serai to have a visit to the famous Rumah Penghulu Mad Natar (a Malay traditional chieftain house), also known as Rumah Penghulu Abdul Ghani.

The last time I visited this house was on the eve of Aidilfitri (Eid) last year (I mentioned it in my article, ‘Take benefit of five before another five’ in Harakah’s English Section 20-25 September 2010) where I met the keeper of the house, Rizal Mad Rahim, 35, a great grandson of Penghulu Abdul Ghani.

During the current visit, I was fortunate to meet Rizal who was sitting in the porch of his unique but big house with a huge compound. Melaka state and Malaysian flags were placed at strategic locations around his house.

Rizal grinned when I greeted him by mentioning his name. After the usual introduction, I tried to sway the talk, focusing on the coming by-election. The former steel worker at a factory nearby who was crippled in an accident at his work place some 15 years ago; told me that the house he is in charge, had been booked by four Umno divisions from Sarawak and Sabah.

When I suggested that many Puteri Umno’s members would be around his house and this open his chances to get to know the girls, Rizal who was still a bachelor giggled and shyly said: “Who wants me?” He was sad, and I too was sad for him. Rizal was badly disfigured in that unforgettable accident. His left ear was without the lobe. Its hole was blocked by scarred flesh.

In front of his house, on a dirt road leading to a few houses deep inside the kampung, a tractor was seen moving earth. A few workmen were seen busily doing their chores to widen the road. Even though my eyes were on the project, I did not mention about it to Rizal.

Rizal excitedly told me that his father would be repairing the toilets and washroom at the house. “We will also build another toilet outside the house and in front of the house we will erect several water taps in a few days time because we anticipate many visitors would drop by. I too had put a donation box in front of the porch.”

When I mentioned about the coming election, Rizal got excited. He said Anwar Ibrahim (leader of the Opposition) and Mohamad Sabu (PAS Central Committee) would be coming to his area in a few days time.

After thanking Rizal, I was on my way and before leaving Merlimau I stopped at a coffee shop. After giving greetings to a few patrons seated at a long table, I ordered my drink; and while sipping the drink, I opened my ears to listen tentatively to the kampung folk’s conversation. I too joined the conversation.

A man with a hard look face who I thought was a labourer at the widening road project said: “Let’s give our vote to PAS candidate. There’s nothing to loose if we vote him (or her). The state government would not be effected if this PAS man wins. Let’s give him and his party a try…”

Another man said: “His term would be a short one, not more than two years before the general election (the 13th). Perhaps less than that! Who knows the general election would be held spontaneously with the Sarawak state elections which must be held in a few months time. So there is nothing wrong in giving PAS the chance. We would loose nothing.”

“Yes,” said a man who was wearing a white ‘kopiah’ (a skull cap). “We should give PAS a chance to prove their commitments. If we are not satisfied with this PAS man, we could dump him in the next general election. Yes, the candidate elected would only serve for a very short term.”

“We must vote for a local,” said a neatly dressed young man. From his looks, I guessed he must be a government officer or its agency. He continued; “It is because we could monitor him and if we are not happy with his work, we could easily go to his house or office to complaint.”

I was surprised as almost all the men in the shop were receptive to PAS candidate. Perhaps I had entered a PAS dominated ‘kedai kopi’ or area but it did not matter.

As I was about to pull my wallet to make payment, the shop owner said: “All have been paid for.” He pointed to the well dressed man who was heading to his four wheel drive. “Perhaps he is the candidate or his proxy,” he laughed and I too laughed.

A lesson learned from the ‘kedai kopi’ talk – there’s noting to loose in voting in a PAS man/woman for the state assembly of N27 Merlimau because it’s only for a short term. So let’s give PAS a try!

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Kasihan, rakyat Melaka baiki sendiri jalanraya

BATU BERENDAM - Kecewa dengan aduan jalan berlubang tidak diambil tindakan, sekumpulan pekerja kilang mengambil inisiatif menampal sendiri lubang di Jalan PBB 1, Kawasan Perindustrian Batu Berendam, dekat sini.

Mereka bertindak demikian kerana tidak tahan lagi dengan masalah kenderaan rosak akibat melalui jalan berlubang berkenaan.

Berikutan itu, mereka bertindak melakukan kerja menampal jalan secara bergotong-royong.

Difahamkan, lubang di jalan terbabit mempunyai kedalam kira-kira 15 sentimeter, manakala ukuran lilitnya melebihi satu meter.

Seorang pekerja terlibat, Ramli Rahim, 48, berkata, seramai enam kakitangan dari kumpulan fasiliti, DLO Green Tech terlibat melakukan kerja berkenaan.

Menurutnya, mereka mengambil masa hampir dua jam untuk menyelesaikan kerja berkenaan dengan menggunakan simen.

“Kita terpaksa lakukan sendiri selepas masalah ini langsung tidak diambil peduli oleh mereka bertanggungjawab.

“Kami semua tidak tahan kerana asyik mendengar rungutan daripada rakan-rakan termasuk daripada perkeja kilang lain yang pernah menjadi mangsa,” katanya ketika ditemui Sinar Harian semasa melakukan kerja berkenaan.

Menurutnya, sebelum ini, ramai merungut kerana terpaksa mengeluarkan belanja ratusan ringgit untuk membaiki kenderaan yang rosak akibat melanggar lubang berkenaan.

Malah, katanya, dia sendiri pernah menjadi mangsa apabila rim keretanya bengkok.

“Paling ditakuti apabila hari hujan dan lubang berkenaan akan dipenuhi air. Sudah pasti pengguna kenderaan tidak sedar wujudnya lubang berkenaan,” katanya.

Dalam pada itu, tinjauan Sinar Harian di sekitar kawasan terbabit juga mendapati masih terdapat beberapa lubang yang dikhuatiri boleh mengancam keselamatan pengguna jalan raya dan perlu diperbaiki segera.

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Program Ceramah PAS Merlimau Cuba Dibatalkan

Program ceramah Presiden PAS, TG Haji Abdul Hadi Awang dan Sdra. Mohd Sabu di Merlimau Utara berjaya juga diadakan sekalipun ianya cuba disekat oleh pihak polis yang pada awalnya telah mengarahkan supaya program tersebut dipindahkan atau dibatalkan.

Beberapa pimpinan PAS telah berhujjah dengan Ketua Polis Daerah Jasin yang kemudiannya mengizinkan ceramah diteruskan dengan beberapa syarat yang perlu dipatuhi.

GB telah turut bersama berhujjah kepada pihak polis berkenaan dan bertanyasamada kedatangan mereka untuk menyekat program ceramah PAS tersebut adalah sebenarnya datang dari "arahan pihak tertentu," ketua polis tersebut sekadar tersenyum dan mengakuinya dengan menyatakan "saya tidak perlu ulas dan tak perlulah bagitahu siapa yang mengarahkannya."

Program ceramah diteruskan dengan kehadiran lebih dari 5 ribu orang rakyat tempatan dimulai dengan ucapan Sdra Adly Zahari, Timbalan Pesuruhjaya PAS Melaka, Adly Zahari yang melahirkan rasa kesal dengan tindakan UMNO memperalatkan pihak polis bagi menganggu program PAS.

"Sedangkan mereka menggunakan kemudahan awam seperti bangunan Politeknik tanpa sebarang sekatan," ujarnya.

Mohd Sabu di dalam ceramahnya pula meminta rakyat Merlimau untuk menolak UMNO di dalam pilihanraya kecil 6 hb Mac ini supaya seorang pembangkang dari PAS dapat bersuara di dalam dewan undangan negeri Melaka.

Beliau menegaskan bahawa apabila demokrasi cuba disekat, maka tragedi Mesir, Tunisia, Bahrain dan lain-lain akan berlaku dan sepastinya ia tidak menguntungkan mana-mana pihak.

Beliau juga membidas pihak UMNO yang menuduh kononnya PAS kuda tunggangan DAP untuk disebarkan di kalangan orang Melayu, sedangkan dalamasa yang sama pihak MCA menuduh DAP kuda tungangan PAS di kalangan orang bukan Melayu.

Bekas Pengerusi GERAK yang juga Ketua AMK Negeri Sembilan, Mohd Nazree Mohd Yunus turut berceramah dengan mengajak pengundi di Merlimau supaya membuat pilihan yang betul di hari pengundian nanti. Beliau menjelaskan bahawa tiada rasuah mega di negeri-negeri yang diperintah oleh Pakatan Rakyat. Yang ada ialah sekeping kek yang dihadiahkan kepada TG Nik Abdul Aziz dianggapkan rasuah oleh Pemuda UMNO yang ketandusan modal dan dilaporkan kepada pihak SPRM.

Presiden PAS TG Abdul Hadi Awang yang berucap di majlis berkenaan menyatakan bahawa PAS berbeza dengan UMNO dimana UMNO tidak memperhitungkan nilai pahala dan dosa di dalam kehidupan berpolitik.

Semepena sambutan Maulidir-Rasul, kita sepatutnya mengambil pelajaran dari kehidupan Rasulullah supaya membina cara hidup yang diredhai Allah s.w.t.

Islam yang berkembang di Malaysia yang bermula di Melaka adalah Islam yang dibawa oleh Rasulullah.

Perjuangan menentang penjajah di Melaka pada tahun 1511, kemudian kebangkitan rakyat menentang penjajah Belanda dan Inggeris selepas menentang Portugis membuktikan "rakyat" telah menentang penjajah lebih awal dari UMNO yang hanya memulakan penentangannya kepada Inggeris pada 1946.

Program ceramah PAS di Merlimau tersebut sekali lagi cuba diganggu oleh UMNO yang juga mengadakan program ceramahnya selang beberapa meter dari program PAS. Program tersebut langsung tidak diganggu oleh polis dan ianya hanya dihadiri sekitar 30-40 orang.

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