Friday, 4 November 2005


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PAS wooing the young voters


PASIR MAS: The PAS candidate for the impending Pengakalan Pasir state by-election should not be older than 50 years old, said party Youth chief Salehuddin Ayob.

“I am confident it would be a young candidate aged between 30 and 50. The candidate may not necessarily be a high profile person from our wing, but age is an important criterion.

“It would also bring impetus to our strategy to project PAS as a vibrant party,” he added.

Salehuddin said it was not necessary for the candidate to have a religious background, but a combination of a professional vocation and pious elements would be good.

He said the wing would also provide 3,000 members to help in the campaigning.

The impending by-election was due to the death of Wan Abdul Aziz Wan Jaafar on Monday from liver cancer.

Since its muktamar election earlier this year, PAS had been actively reshaping its image, towards a younger and moderate party to capture the hearts of the younger voters.

Last month, Kelantan PAS hosted its first open-air concert in 15 years here, showcasing Akademi Fantasia 3 winner Asmawi Ani (Mawi) and top male artiste M. Nasir.

It is learnt that the latest electoral roll for the constituency has at least 2,000 new voters.

In last year’s general election, Wan Abdul Aziz won with a majority of 55 votes over the Barisan Nasional’s Hanafi Mamat, a surveyor.

In a related matter, Kelantan Umno Information head Alwi Che Ahmad said the state Umno was now united and would respect who the party picked as the candidate.

“I believe we have a chance although it is a PAS stronghold to a certain degree. There should not be any internal sabotage.”

Although the Election Commission has not officially notified the parties of a by-election, both sides have begun preparations.

The Hari Raya open houses are expected to be the first platform to project the respective parties' political aspirations.

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